The problem of ASUS Pentium 4 motherboards.

  Some of the ASUS Pen4 motherboard with ICH2(82801BA) and ICH4(82801DB)
chipsets switch off the SMBus PCI device.  Therefore, one has to enable
it explicitly in order to make hardware-monitoring possible.
  If "mbmon/xmbmon" does not search the SMBuses, it's not the fault of
"mbmon/xmbmon", but the results of ASUS's BIOS setting.  For users who
experienced this, try the following:

(1) Check the chipset:

    ICH2/ICH4 chipset is identified by the following PCI configuration

    pci-device ID  ---  ICH2:     vendorID = 0x8086, chipID = 0x2440
                        ICH4:     vendorID = 0x8086, chipID = 0x24C0

    pci-device ID  ---  ICH2(PM): vendorID = 0x8086, chipID = 0x2443
                        ICH4(PM): vendorID = 0x8086, chipID = 0x24C3

   (PM means Power Management Controller, which provides SMBus access.)

    By using command,

  # pciconf -l (FreeBSD)

  # pcitweak -l (Linux)

  list up the pci-devices recognized by OS, and try to find whether your
  chipset is ICH2 or ICH4.  If you find ICH2 or ICH4 in the list, while
  do not find ICH2(PM) or ICH4(PM), then you are one of sufferers of this
  problem.  If not, your problem is of different kind, sorry.

(2) Enable the SMBus access:

    You have to enable the ICH2(PM) or ICH4(PM) by turns off the bits
  number 8 and 3 (counting from 0) in the word data of the LPC register
  of ICH2 or ICH4 at 0xF2.  First, find the value of the actual data:

  # pciconf -r -h [selector of ICH2 or ICH4] 0xf2 (FreeBSD)

  # setpci -d 8086:2440/24c0 f2.w (Linux).

                 (bit)  15 14 13 12 11 10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1  0
     word data at 0xF2   x  x  x  x  x  x  x  *  x  x  x  x  *  x  x  x

    Next, after calculating the byte by VAL = VAL & 0xFEF7, set this VAL
  to ICH2 or ICH4 by the following command:

  # pciconf -w -h [selector of ICH2 or ICH4] 0xf2 VAL (FreeBSD)

  # setpci -d 8086:2440/24c0 f2.w=VAL (Linux).

(3) Check ICH2(PM) or ICH4(PM) appears:

    List up the pci-device again, and confirm that now ICH2(PM) or ICH4(PM)
	are there.  Then, try "mbmon/xmbmon" again.



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