(ver. 2.04 ---> ver. 2.05)

 * Bugs for detecting ALi chipset fixed.

 * Further smoothing for plotting curves in xmbmon.

 * SMBus accesses of VIA VT8237 and Intel ICH6 are supported.

 * Problem related to select() system call fixed (by Tsuneyuki Sakano).

 * The part of IO port read/write is unified into an gas in-line
  assembler code (so, gcc with x86-gas is assumed!); a contribution
  by John Wehle (john@feith.com).

 * Changes to work on Solaris for x86 platform and others for
  cleaning up the codes, contributed by John Wehle (john@feith.com).

 * Others: Fixing small bugs.
(ver. 2.03 ---> ver. 2.04)

 * The modified BSD license is set from this version.

 * Logging facility in the daemon mode is included (but unabled
  in default, contribution by David Quattlebaum ).

 * 2nd order IIR low pass filter smoothing method is included for
  plotting graphs in xmbmon (contribution by Takayuki Hosoda).

 * Manual files are provided by Nicolas Rueff .

 * Winbond W83791D, W83627THF chips are supported.

 * Initialization of ADM9240 chip for some Intel motherboards
  (by Alex Vasylenko). 

 * SMBus access of ALI1533/1543 chipset (Aladdin IV, V)
  is supported.
 * ISA access of 2nd and 3rd temperatures for Winbond chips fails
  in most of motherboard.  Due to this problem, fraction of these
  temperatures is always 0.5.  This "bug" is fixed now.
 * Others: Fixing small bugs.
(ver. 2.02 ---> ver. 2.03)

 * Genesys Logic GL512SM and GL520SM sensors are supported.

 * Intel ICH5 SMBus access supported.

 * LM85, Analog Devices ADM1024/1025/1027/ADT7463,
  and SMSC EMC6D10X sensors are supported.

 * Analog Devices ADM1020/1021/1023 temperature sensors are supported.

 * A log standing bug from version 2.00 in the treatment of
  fan-divisor for the IT87xxF sensor chip is fixed.

 * Others: Fixing small bugs,  clean-up the code.
(ver. 2.01 ---> ver. 2.02)

 * NetBSD/OpenBSD support is added (by a contribution of a patch
  given by Stephan Eisvogel). "./configure; make" just works.

 * The AMD8111 and NVidia nForce2 SMBus access is supported
  (by information from Alex van Kaam).

 * National Semiconductor LM90 temperature sensor is supported.

 * Winbond W83L784R, W83L785R, W83L785TS-S sensors are supported.

 * The case of two sensor chips are supported
   (see section 4 How to use for details).
(ver. 2.00 ---> ver. 2.01)

 * "mbmon" can be executed as a daemon program (contributed patch
  by Jean-Marc Zucconi).  This make it possible to get output of
  "mbmon" over network by executing telnet command
  (see section 4 How to use).

 * Improved treatment of ASUS ASB100 ("Bach") sensor chip (by
  information from Alex van Kaam).  The temperature of an internal
  Athlon XP diode is obtained (as a 2nd temp.) in ASUS motherboard
  of A7V333/A7V8X.

 * ASUS Mozart-2 sensor chip is supported (by information from
  Alex van Kaam).

 * Fixed the issue that "xmbmon" cannot read NFS mounted ~/.Xauthority
  file (contributed patch by Kazushi NAKAMURA).
(ver. 2.00)

 * Few more hardware monitor chips are supported; National
  Semiconductor LM75, LM80 (by Shin-ichi Nagamura), and ASUS
  ASB100 Bach.

 * Few more SMBus interface chipsets are supported; AMD7xx,
  NVidia nForce, and ALi MAGiK1/AladdinPro.

 * More powerful automatic detection of supported hardware monitor
  chips is provided, and one can specify a chip name for probing it.

 * Special Treatment for Tyan's Tiger MP/MPX motherboard is supported.

 * Further variety of output of the "mbmon" program is supported for
  purpose of utilizing its output for more fancy graphic programs rather
  than the "xmbmon", like MRTG or rrdtool.  This time output for rrdtool
  and convenient perl script is provided (by Shin-ichi Nagamura).

 * One can specify the device file number X (/dev/smbX) for users who
  has more than two devices on SMBus with FreeBSD SMBus device driver
  (This is only for FreeBSD, not for Linux).

 * The whole program has been almost completely rewritten to make it
  easier for supporting new hardware monitor chips and/or new SMBus
  interfaces (see 00READEtech.txt).

 * The output values of negative voltages are changed partly, so they 
  may not coincide with those of the previous version.

 * Others: Fixing small bugs.